Saturday, October 1, 2011

Hair Help for Hopeless Homemanagers (that's us: moms/wives)

I think God blessed me with an incredible color for hair (red!)... maybe He did that because He knew I wouldn't know how to do anything with my hair. I have never been able to style it. My mom succeeded in making my hair look great for my wedding though. Otherwise, if I wanted it to look like I did anything more than just brush it, I would have to go get it styled or have some chic haircut that would be low-maintenance (AKA little or no products or styling required.) My hair is thin but there's a ton of it, so that makes it thick and hard to put up because it's heavy and slips out of most things. It also doesn't hold a curl unless you use an entire can of hairspray - it's just too heavy.

All this said to tell you, there's hope for my hair - and maybe yours too if you are needing a tip. 
I hate looking frumpy, but when you can only throw your hair up in a ponytail everyday that's what you get, frumpy. I never could figure out how to do fancy ponytails or braiding much either.  Just to clarify, I'm not too worried about appearances but I do like to look a bit put-together for my hubby and my kids. I'd rather not look like I did nothing to myself to get ready for the day. If momma is ready to take on the world, so is everyone else! So time to try something new with my hair to wave bye-bye to frumpy.

Thank goodness for You-tube in times like these! Mind you, You-tube can have some weird stuff on it, but it can also be a useful tool for learning "how to" stuff (and it can even be used for the Lord's purposes - I love how even technology can be redeemed). Anyway, I found this blog link that has a 3 min. video tip for making your hair look cute in a "sock bun". I tried it. I'm wearing it now - took me 5 minutes and it worked on my first try. I didn't even have all the right tools. That's simplicity. Love it and now instead of looking Hopeless, I can look "Happily put-together at Home for all the people I Heart".

Let me know if you have any other video tips like these. I'd love to know.

Here's the link:

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