Sunday, November 27, 2011

Parent Help for different learning styles in young children

My kids are a lot like me. They are kind of all-over-rover =Very creative with a wide variety of interests.

It also means that they are easily distracted and hard to direct sometimes. They are young and will learn how to manage these things, but in the mean time it is my job to help direct them.

It's a hard job and  it reminds me of that verse in the Bible where God directs the heart of kings just a He directs a watercourse (Prov 21:1). It clues me in that it has to be God who helps us direct these little ones because we certainly can't direct their hearts like He can. Brent & I have a good sense of humor; when we get stressed and frustrated we say to each other, "At least it's better than trying to herd cats!" *wide grin*

I think of my parents at times like those too. I can remember them telling me not to "lallygag" through most of my primary years on up through high school.  I was a huge procrastinator, off in dream land & they had a hard time trying to motivate me because I was motivated to do other things. I see some of these characteristics (and other great ones too) in my kiddos, so I've started to look for ways that I can help myself, help them.

I am not often impressed with psychology and the ideas of parenting presented in secular realms (I am cool with some types of Christian family counsel though), but what I found, I hope will be some helpful information  for some folks. It's presented by the retired Dr. Heller (you can check out his home page to find out more about him after reading the link). 

What impressed me in this link were some of the great visual and tactile cues to use with children with different learning styles. It was some practical tips, for once, to train them to listen and to be on a schedule and to start some self-control. Hope it helps other parents too. Enjoy!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Good quote from the movie Kung Fu Panda (though I think some Greek philosopher said this first) - Master Oogway says:

One often finds his destiny in the path he takes to avoid it.

Disclaimer: I do not recommend the movie Kung Fu Panda for young viewers. It's great for adults for sure, but there's plenty of martial arts violence in it - things I won't let my 6 year old watch.
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