Saturday, October 1, 2011

Blogs good for feeding our spirits

The Word is life-giving and feeds our spirits best when we have His word hidden in our hearts.

Love, love, love these ideas from the Blog: WHEN YOU RISE.

These are super cool ideas for helping memorize scripture. Let's face it, it needs to be in ya! If it's in my heart it's helpful in the split second moments of trials. (There are great lessons on this Blog for teaching kids Bible truths too - good for home church for missionary kids or homeschool.)

I'd like to add, a perfect place to memorize scriptures is... ahem... "on the john." That's right, when you're a parent, sometimes the only quiet moment you get is in the bathroom (OK only a few quiet moments there because the kids seem to know when you've left the room and they come searching!).  I stick up whole lists of one-liner Bible phrases (in a sheet protector = easy to change without taking it down) that I'd like to know or pray for each day of the month. You can Google: "31 prayers for your children" (or husband) and find a printable list from Bob Hostetler at Revive Our Hearts. Or I also find it handy to stick up Bible index cards that focus on a principle that I need help learning (and that could benefit the kiddos too - if they can read it, they will!).

Another great tip came from one of my favorite Blogs: WOMEN LIVING WELL

It's handy to keep track of all your index cards by putting them in the slots of an inexpensive photo album. Keep blank index cards in the slots in the back.

Hope these help & that you enjoy them.

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