Saturday, October 1, 2011

Friend's perspective on Africa

My friend knows that life in Africa can be hard and that you have to look on the bright side. She sent me a list of her top reasons why she loves Africa. I think I'll agree with her. Good to keep some perspective and enjoy some of Africa even if there might be some lack of comfort and possible sacrifices along the way. If I look to those things too much I'd get all glum. May as well look at some inspiring reasons why I could see myself enjoying Africa instead.

picture from Wikipedia - love the colors and smiles!

By the way, today is an "I love Africa" day for me. I've been trying to get to the missions field since I was 14 years old. I am so looking forward to going and being a part of something bigger that God has for my life. The day is coming soon. Enjoy reading my friend Melva's "Tops."

Things I love about life in Africa…
The clothes are bright...and don’t have to come even remotely close to matching.
You can be a millionaire with just a couple hundred dollars.
My new appreciation for the beauty of a rainstorm
The AMAZING star-gazing—more stars than I’ve ever seen.
The complete freedom from ridiculous “safety” laws.
You can park anywhere.
The inspiring people you get to work alongside of while you’re here.
The contagious, courageous faith of the persecuted locals.
The absence of city lights and traffic noise.
The slower pace of life.
The fact that you can afford to help your friend by hiring them to do your laundry.
The heightened joy in the simple pleasures—like banana pancakes.
The connections with people back home—and the means of introducing them to the need for missions.
The way little kids get so excited when you wave at them—the plus side to being a celebrity.
Eating healthier because there aren’t prepared foods available.
There’s fresh baked bread available just around the corner.
The thunderstorms are incredible.
An appreciation for simplicity—especially in church with the bare building (if any) and plain wooden benches.
You’re forced to adopt a slower pace of life—which has some huge advantages.
You’re evenings are family time—cause there aren’t a million different activities.
Home is the center of the social system.
The mangoes are delicious.
The better perspective on our home culture—the good and bad.
The skyline isn’t cluttered.
You’re constantly driven to pray.
The incredibly generous hospitality.
People always take time to pull up a chair and invite you to sit awhile.
You can eat with your hands…and have to wash fewer dishes.

Coping mechanisms: Make Friday night movie night and watch a movie that makes you laugh. Hire someone to do your shopping for you. When you do go shopping, plan on it being a half-day social event so it doesn’t stress you out that it’s taking so long. Celebrate small victories. Spend time looking at the stars. Sing praise songs. (Thanks, Melva! Love ya, girl!)

Enjoy what you have and praise the One who gave it to you. 

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