Friday, March 18, 2011

Things I miss about home...Laura's struggles with cultural adjustment

I miss some things about home in varying degrees (in no particular order):

There are people to miss, of course.
Our family, friends, Bible-study group, church, & neighbors who speak English - people who speak English in general - singing in English at church (and hearing an English sermon).

I also miss...

Good coffee to make at home. (Thankfully this has been remedied by some good friends at our church back in the States - YAY! for care-packages.)

Peanut-butter. (I know, it's odd that they don't have it here but once a year during "American week" at one of the local grocers).

Regular yellow mustard (same deal as the peanut-butter).

Not having to pay to use a public toilet (at a train station or on the street).

Books! (In English) - like at a library!

Being able to understand what I am buying. (I used fabric softener as detergent for a week until I learned the difference in the words on the labels! I also once thought that a floor cleaner was some sort of dish soap, but because it said "without rinsing" thought it best not to use it!)

People smiling at strangers as you pass them on the street.

Watching a baseball game (even if just on TV & watching Brent play on the church softball league).

Church sermons in English (thankfully, we have some CD's now to listen to from our church).

These are just a few things off the top of my head. On days that cultural stress is building up as we try to learn language and survive here, these things come to mind more. On our good days, we really only miss people mostly.

There are some things we get to enjoy in France that we don't have at home:

Over 365 kinds of cheese! (No joke!)
Not to mention two whole rows (we're talking long aisles) of different kinds of yogurt at the super market.

Really good fresh-baked bread goods within walking distance. Love the boulangerie!

The ALPS! Mountains are everywhere you look here.

Seeing kids play football (soccer) anywhere they can.

Seeing how amazed strangers are here if you lend them a helping-hand (guess it happens less frequently here or they really don't feel entitled to help - who knows).

Walking to the grocery store twice a week because our fridge only holds that much at a time. It makes me plan meals and use more of our food better. Not much goes to waste.

Constant French language input - on the bus, at the store, at the bank, at the post, at school, at church, on the street, & when we turn on the TV or a radio.

Realizing I need to enjoy the good while dealing with cultural stress is tremendous lesson that I am reviewing daily. Thank you, Lord, for my daily blessings here and anywhere I lay my head.

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  1. What a wonderful blog! Love this entry! Great balance between what you miss and what you like about your new home. We love and miss you!!


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