Monday, March 7, 2011

Our Move to France (Previously posted on Facebook) 21 Jan 2011

WOW! We made it safely and only lost one bag (did not get picked up in Geneva - working on getting it delivered). After flying from FL to NJ to Geneva, Switzerland, we then rode on 3 trains and got picked up in Valence, France by our landlord, Harry. The kids did great considering we traveled for 2 days. We didn't get to sleep much on the plane so by the time we got to the trains we were exhausted. The first mini-transit train from the airport to the Gare (train station) was delayed because of a tree falling on the track. We only had an 80 min free transit ticket. We prayed for the track to be cleared or for the Lord to send an angel to help. He did both! 75 mins into our ticket, the track was cleared and a transit helper assisted us with our baggage and came on the train to help us at the next stop. Then another helper stored our baggage and helped us to the train and phoned ahead to send another helper! Wow! Thank you Lord for angels! I was sick for most of the train trips - stomach troubles - still have some - new diet and all, but nothing terrible now. Was feeling weak and dizzy and hot and cold as we ran from train to train, but I just would sit down and pray and feel better in just a few moments. =) At least it was me who was sick and not the kids or Brent. Brent did great with figuring out where we were and what to do. I had no clue. I am learning I can understand some French because of my Spanish training, but all in all it is quite overwhelming. Thank the Lord for polite people and for Rosetta Stone and French kid's shows. We got to go to church on Sunday, what an incredible experience. =) Even though I did not understand much of the French, I could feel God's presence. We visited a pentecostal church and I asked Brent if someone was speaking in tongues and he said yes. Even though I couldn't understand the language, I could feel it in my Spirit when that happened. So COOL! God moves in all languages among His people. Well, there is a lot more I could say, but for now this will do. We're safe here in France and are soaking in as much language as we can. We do self-study at home in the mornings and then go to the bread store, etc. to buy bread and talk with people, and then in the evenings we watch a French game show or something on TV. We're constantly discussing, what did that mean? or did you hear what they said? It's fun but also exhausting. We are learning to pace ourselves. God is so good to us! Thanks for all who are praying us through this language learning process! It really makes a difference.

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