Saturday, March 12, 2011

Laura likes...

I thought it might be good to share with you what I really enjoy (in no particular order) so that people to have a better understanding of who I am. So here's my best effort to keep this to a small list -another window into my soul:

I like to...

1.  Watch steam rise from my coffee cup - smelling it is so good too!
2.  See little birds sitting outside my window.
3.  Watch old black and white movies snuggled up with my hubby or a good gal pal.
4.  Watch my kids while they are sleeping.
5.  Listen to good praise and worship music -ones with lyrics that makes me cry as I understand more about the goodness of the Lord.
6.  Think about what heaven will be like.
7.  Cry when I hear a sad song & Dance when I hear a happy song.
8.  Read a good book - the kind that takes me to another time or place and teaches me something.
9.  Self-help books - I think I have a bit of a counselor's heart and so who better to help, right? Ha!
10.  A good laugh - a belly laugh where you laugh so hard you cry!
11.  To Salsa dance (and just any kind of dancing really - though I don't often get to dance outside of my home!)
12.  To have my hands in wet clay (Once took a pottery class with a friend - loved it!)
13.  Try to be nice to everyone I meet - I take it to heart that I never know if I may be entertaining angels.
14.  Talk late at night in the dark - like I did at slumber parties when I was a kid (and like me and my college girls did!)
15.  Know that some people have figured out that I can have strong emotions and that they are totally OK with it. =0)
16.  Looking at mountains & seeing the sun rise or set anywhere (but especially on the beach).
17.  Talking to people about what the Lord has done in my life.
18.  Eat good chocolate. [And also to eat Slim-Jims (I know-gross!) but only on long road trips.]
19.  Take pictures of new and pretty sights.
20.  Snuggle up and read aloud to my kiddos.

Hope you enjoyed this list!

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