Thursday, March 24, 2011

Settling In - Chambéry, France (Written by: Brent)

We’ve finally arrived in Chambéry and started “officially” learning French at the beginning of March. Although Laura began at the beginner level, Brent’s previous experience with French in high school allowed him to be placed in the intermediate level right away (where he sometimes feels over his head, especially in listening comprehension!). With our school over two miles away, we’ve rented a bicycle to ride back-and-forth to school. 

Our apartment building
Fortunately, most everything else—church, Ethan’s school, grocery stores—are all within walking distance. There is a wonderful missionary community here with about a dozen adults, which has been a great source of encouragement. In addition, it’s gorgeous here. The city is virtually ringed by real mountains, which are a sight to behold on clear days! Though it’s not home and there are many new things and others we miss, we feel really blessed here. 
Mountains in Chambéry, France

The Elephants Fountain - in the center of the town

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