Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The resilience of kids

Kids have tons of energy that we wish we could bottle and use to power our homes, our cars, anything. My kids seem to be especially spirited. We're talking non-stop. Well, there is a stop, when they are asleep or engrossed in a book or movie. Otherwise, it is constant motion and curiosity. It's amazing to watch, and slightly tiring sometimes especially for those of us who have the privilege of watching them. They are a gift, a cherished gift. Often I forget to be thankful for their boundless energy when mine is waning. It is what propels them in life to explore, to befriend, to enjoy.

Today I am reminded to be thankful for my spirited kids. They make friends easily with other youngsters here - even the shy ones. They will befriend a stranger if it means they might get to run around and play. I arrived a little early to pick up Ethan from school, and I saw him initiating a game of tag with the other children. He spoke with a flawless French accent as he taunted the other children to try to catch him. It made me smile. Children are resilient. Instead of being overwhelmed and infuriated about being taken from his home in the States and plopped down in a school where he doesn't know much of the language, he has already learned how to adapt. His friendliness and his need for movement regularly aide him in fitting in and learning language in this foreign land we currently call home.
ABSOLUTELY love this silly kid! Praying for wisdom in training & guiding him.


  1. Sweet! Great perspective, so true. My kids often kept me going in the early years of adapting. So much easier for them at the age of Ethan and Clarie than for older ones.

  2. I never had any doubts that Ethan and Claire would naturally adapt. My concerns were always with their parents ;-) I'm proud of Brent and Laura for their unswerving faith and trust in God. This also gives Ethan and Claire another example of how they are to live. I sit here in America and pray, "God, thank you for blessing me with such a wonderful son, a beautiful daughter-in-law, and two amazing grandkids."


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