Saturday, April 23, 2011

Pics from Carnival time (late in coming)

So I'm guessing that Carnival here is similar to Mardi Gras back in the States - though MUCH tamer. It's a family-fun-day with a parade and costumes. Here are some pics from the day that happened before Lent. (It's now the day before Easter, please don't shoot me for getting these out so late. *smile*) Enjoy & be thankful for our Lord today!

Yay! Flags!

This group had an awesome beat!

Japan represented

USA's Wild West even represented here

Cool Drummers and floutists - love the costumes

Strange person (resembling a devil) on stilts with a blimp following behind

West Africa (I think Burkina Faso) men on stilts with cool shields

My family in the crowd - lots of people dressed up (Ethan was a baseball player and Claire a princess, but it was too cold to keep the jackets off.)

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  1. Where you live seems way cooler than where I wild west Lent-ers in Boston ;)


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