Thursday, April 7, 2011

Fun Mistake!

Quick entry:

Went shopping as per usual & bought the necessary items. Then for fun thought I'd get some munchies for myself and the kiddos. (Brent is not a "snacker" really, though he loves to eat - A LOT. He just likes big meals.) So I grabbed a bag of what I thought was similar to America's Cheetos (crunchy cheesy snacks). I read the bag and put it in the panier (basket). Well, when you've been shopping for a while in a different language you get tired and aren't always on top of things because of the miriad of distractions. Are you familiar with the feeling of "zoning" in Wal-Mart? Try a type of Wal-mart in another land & language - it's sensory overload! None-the-less, we have our crunchy snack, but it is NOT cheesy. Our kids like these a lot - so no harm done!  Take a look at the pic and see if you can figure out what we got.

It's peanut butter crunchies!  Just like Cheetos but PB instead of Cheese!

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