Saturday, June 25, 2011

Comfort in dreams

It's amazing how dreams work.  

Most of my life, I have had "inspirational" dreams we'll say. Dreams that have not made sense at the time but have helped out later in life. Dreams that I feel were a gift from God. Dreams that informed me of something to come. Dreams that I could do nothing about but wait and watch for them to happen. 

Some dreams have woken me up from a dead sleep - the kind where you have to catch your breath as you jolt awake and are finally sitting up in bed. Some dreams have been peaceful and happened while I was fully awake (these visions are different, but still from the Lord). I have "regular" dreams too - the kind that no one can understand, the kind where you're flying. Sometimes I have nightmares. These types are different than the rest of the "telling" dreams that I have. I can usually tell a difference when I have one that means something.

I know we're getting into weird stuff here, but when your whole life is filled with weird stuff like this it really becomes less weird.

Regularly weird begins to equal normal. 


Here are some of my "telling" dreams:

I had a dream about my children before I was married. My doc told me I probably couldn't have kids (I never told many people). The Lord gave me a dream about a little blond haired boy (about age 2) sitting on my lap while I was pregnant with a little redheaded girl (I could see her in the womb in this dream). Voila!  In reality I have my two kiddos, Ethan my blond haired boy when he was a toddler & Claire my very redheaded girl. 

I had a dream about meeting my husband. In the dream he was tall with very long brown hair. In reality, when we met he had longer hair than mine - past his shoulders. (Don't worry, I didn't tell him about the dream until after we were married.)

Dreams I've had, have called me to Africa. More than just dreams, of course, have called me there, but the dreams confirmed it - even directed parts of it. Dreams that I'll understand better way in the future when I am there. 

I have moments when I know something is wrong with my family when we are miles apart - not always, but several times I have known to call and check on them. Sure enough they'll had something major going on. 

No. I am not clairvoiant - I can not predict the future. So don't ask me to. God really just tells me certain things to help me through it or to have me pray.

God wakes me up to pray for people. My friend went into labor early once and had a long (24hrs) hard labor. God woke me up in the middle of the night to pray for her time of labor. All went well finally. 

I've been woken up by a dream about an car accident in my neighborhood only to actually hear the accident happen 10-15 minutes after waking. I was already praying. No idea how it worked out, but I know I did what He wanted me to. 

I've had a dream (months ago) about my dad going to heaven. My dad looked young (about 20) and so happy in heaven. He looked so healthy and handsome. He wanted to let me know he was alright. The dream was happy and made me sad when I woke up, but it gave me a HUGE peace. In reality, my dad is fighting terminal cancer (without treatments - just vegetarian organic diet & no sugars). He's in his 10th month of a one year prognosis. He also has major heart problems. (Today he's in the hospital for chest pain - so far all is ok).  All of our days are numbered and only God knows how many for each of us. 

Today, I had another dream. I never know when I have a dream if they are one of those dreams.  Will it come to pass? Who knows. I just wait and keep living life in the mean time. Sometimes I forget about the dream until it comes to pass and I am oddly reminded like that very strong kind of  deja vu  feeling (By they way, deja vu is French for "already seen").  

So in today's dream I received an email, letting me know that my dad had finally lost his battle and went on to be with the Lord. In the dream it seemed like it was way in the future. There were some people there that I did not know but we had a mutual missionary friend. I will not share who was in the dream, but one thing I will share is this song that we were singing as I was reading the news about my dad in this dream:


In Him We Live And Move

by Randy Speir

In Him we live and move
And have our being
In Him we live and move
And have our being

Make a joyful noise
Sing unto the Lord
Tell Him of your love
Dance before Him
Make a joyful noise
Sing unto the Lord
Tell Him of your love

© 1981 Integrity�s Hosanna! Music 
Strange song to be singing in a dream about your
dad dying, right? No. It made sense to me. 
It brought joy & peace. 

I know that it is only through 
God that we even have our being here. The 
celebrating in the song is thankfulness for the 
gift of life that He shares with us - the eternal 
life that will continue when we are in heaven dancing 
before Him. Why not dance now? 
Dance because He's with us.

It's crazy, I know. It's just a dream. 
I will REALLY miss my dad 
when the time comes, but I have more peace now.
These dreams have brought some comfort.

I wanted to write all this 
to be able to look back at the song whenever
that fateful day occurs. 

I'll look back to remember 
all the tough things God 
has walked me through.
I am never alone.

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  1. Oh Laura! I wish I could give a you a real hug right now. I've been praying for your dad since you sent the prayer request through FB. And for you. I love you. God is faithful.


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