Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Picture Post

Haven't posted pictures lately, and I'm not one of those regular bloggers with their trendy "Word-less Wednesdays" either... not to mention it's Tueday *grin* SooOOooo, I figured I'd just post some recent pics with captions to give you a visual into our world lately. Enjoy!

Made snowman with a homemade playdough recipe from Pinterest

Brent's mom sent a package that included stickers & Claire went crazy!

We made a paper Nativity set printed out from Pinterest - Claire plays with it regularly for 20 mins at a time!

Made a book Christmas tree (see disclaimer at end) and a paper Advent Chain - ideas from Pinterest
Here's our Christmas decor this year - left over from previous residents *smile* 
Disclaimer: Only one useless book was harmed in the making of the paper Christmas tree. I treasure the written word, but this book quickly turned south and though I finished it, I would not pass it on to anyone. So I joyfully recycled it in the best way I knew how! ;)

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