Monday, May 23, 2011

Mini break - trip to Tours and Chateau at Amboise

 Took a few trains (about 6 hours) and went over to Tours to visit with some friends and colleagues. It was a much needed break from class. It was good to visit with friends we haven't seen in a while and to talk with some people who have visited and lived in the West African country we will eventually serve in. It was a good time and our hosts were so gracious. We got to celebrate my (Laura's) birthday too. Nice surprise! We were exhausted after all the running and playing with the kids and doing some touristy things out in the sun, but it was a good exhausted. We had a great time! Here are some of our pics:
Some really cool OLD buildings in Tours, France

Lunch Time for the group

On the way to the Tours Cathedral

The Cathedral in Tours

My new love - stained glass windows!

Some Walking

Brent playing a card game with the kids in the back yard

Entry to the Chateau at Amboise, France

Cool Stained glass at the Tomb of Leonardo De Vinci

Really the Tomb of Leonardo De Vinci

Gardens at the Chateau

My favorite shot of the Chateau - I love flags

Up to the Tower

Cool entry to the Tower


Here we are in front of part of the Chateau

Time for some lunch

Fun with new friends

Special little Tomb building for Leonardo's resting place

Our host's backyard is an incredible respite spot - lovely roses like this all over!!

lovely back yard

Playing on the play ground in the neighborhood

Quick train trip to Amboise

Looking across the water at the Chateau in the distance

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